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notes : contact pour la gestion des tournées et les informations techniques dont la fiche technique du spectacle : Svetlana Ignjic du Theater Hora s.ignjic@zueriwerk.ch

Technical Requirements: Disabled Theatre
Set up time: 1/2 Day
Set out time: 2h

Measurements: 10m Wide (33ft), 10m Deep (33ft)
The entire stage should be black, with black teasers, borders and legs. (Black Box)
Black dance floor
no stage settings, the organiser has to provide 12 chairs, 12 x 0.5l plastic-bottle of water and 1 Table (ca. 1.60m x 0.80m, see pictures) for the equipment (sound, laptop, lightboard).

There are two basic lighting cues:
1) When the doors open, house light on, no lights on stage.
2) Show lights: A bright general lighting. The area with the 11 chairs should form an elipse (see picture) but the lighting should not touch the upstage and side wings.
The lighting should be mainly from the front, ensuring that all faces are well recognisable.
Add to that a good even backlight for separation and depth.
Also, wherever possible, there should be enough light, so that the actors can't see the audience.

Lighting Equipment
Generally speaking, the number of lights and the individual lamp power is dependant upon the size of the room. As a result, all of the following details are meant as a guide.
Minimum for the stage lighting:
2 Rows frontlights: each Row with 6 to 8 PCs with Barndoors 1 kW or 4 PCs 2 kW
1 Rows backlighting: 6 to 8 Frs 1 kW or 4 Frs 2 kW all lamps with barndoors
If the PCs are not pebble convex, they will need a light Frost gel(rosco119).
All lights equipped with barndoors.
1 x Lighting Board 24-Way with submasters on stage

Sound Equipment
2 x Microphones for vocals, (eg SM58 or equivalent) with Stands
Mixer with Amp, with Input from Laptop to Mixer,. The connection is mini-jack.
The music is playback off the laptop, which is on stage
The in-house loudspeaker system is enough, nothing special needed.

One in-house technician that knows the house. This person should be there to show us
what we need, it would be great if this person can be present during rehearsels/runthrougs, not necessarily permanently present.