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For the Chinese version of the piece


minimum 10m wide (33ft), 10m deep (33ft)
Black dance floor on all the performing area
No stage settings
Italian style black box, meaning with wings on the sides, providing exits and entrances, borders to cover up the pipes and lights black back curtain (smooth)
borders and legs according to the opening and the light pipes


Generally speaking, the number of lights and the individual lamp power is dependant upon the size of the room. As a result, all of the following details are meant as a guide.

List of needed material :
- 25 PC 2kW (2 pipes of backlight and 3 pipes of frontlight) - gel #114 or 119, if needed
- 1 light board in the booth
Where available, the use of LED lights is recommended.

Focus :
- we are looking for a simple wash, over the whole stage, evenly, no colors,
- no gel, unless it is to smooth out the borders.

By whole stage we mean :
from upstage (including face) to downstage (face as well). If we have to hit
the back curtain in order to have an even wash all over, then it is a compromise to do, even though ideally it is better not to do so.


to be provided by the theater :
- headset mic reference - DPA 4088F with adapters Shure/AKG/Sennheiser
belt back transmitter with a hook-clip, to be attached to dance belt preferably Sennheiser, for the DPA headset mic and wireless receiver HF
- 2 DI boxes. (The artist will bring and use his own computers and sound card to connect to the sound system by the DI boxes)
- 2 feedback speakers on right and left stage
- An adapted to the venue in-house loudspeaker system

Costumes and dressing room

Washing and ironing of the costumes at the end of each rehearsal and of each performance.
1 dressing room for one dancer, with shower, towel, and a bottle of water (large).


The organisation of the installation and the personnel required are left to the discretion of the technical management of the site. However, the stage, sound and lighting set-up must be completely finished by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the show (or no later 5 hours before the start of the performance), the time at which the on-stage rehearsal begins.

For any question on this technical rider, please contact our Chinese technical director on this piece Zi Han at goodbyezihan@gmail.com.