performances > shirtology > technical rider
duration : 25 minutes in 3 parts
The first solo lasts 9 minutes
The second solo lasts 12 minutes
The third solo lasts 3 minutes
notes : The piece is a solo in three parts to be shared with two other works. We start with the first solo, then comes the first work, the second solo, the second work, and finally the third solo finishes the programme
audience : For a total understanding of the piece, it is absolutely necessary for the audience to clearly see what is written on the T-shirts that the performer wears
space : The minimum space required is 2 meters by 2 meters
light : One white light creating a circle on the dance floor and focussed on the center of the stage
sound : No sound
schedule : Three hours are needed to rehearse with a lighting technician
technical staff : A lighting technician must be present during the performance, the company is not bringing any technical crew on tour